“If you're searching for the perfect doula, stop your search now... it's Abby. My husband and I knew we wanted a doula for the birth of our first baby, but we didn't know we'd find a friend in the process. Through our initial meeting, the pre-natal appointments, the actual labor and delivery, and the post-partum visit - Abby feels like family to our family. I told everyone "I couldn't have done it without her" and I mean it. I looked to her for strength, comfort, reassurance, and encouragement and she provided all of that unwaveringly. Abby has a calm presence that immediately evokes trust.

There were multiple parts of my labor and delivery that felt "scary" to me and I'll never forget locking eyes with Abby asking her if I was okay and if the baby was okay and her steady, reassuring, confident self giving me the affirmation I needed. She provided essential oils, (fake because we were in a hospital) tea light candles, cold rags, massage, counter pressure etc. as well as constant verbal encouragement. She took time to get to know us and our preferences. We made clear we wanted our birth to be a spiritual experience and that we were Christian, and she helped cater to our desires in a way I imagine she'd cater to anyone's - regardless if she agreed with them like she did with us.

While we were already planning on naming our daughter Abigail, it felt fitting for her to share a name with a woman who had so much influence in bringing her into the world! Look no further - choose Abby!

-Rachel (Charlotte, NC)

“I first knew that I had to hire Abby as soon as I read her bio. I instantly could tell that she had a passion for what she does, a sweet spirit, and a desire to help others. I also loved that she stated she liked to work with first-time moms and Christian moms, of which I was both.

After my husband and I met with Abby for the first time in-person, she instantly felt like a part of our family. She was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had during pregnancy, walked me through a birth plan we both felt comfortable with, and helped prepare us (as much as she could) for the big day.

When birthing day came, she was even more amazing. She was a constant source of reassurance and calm, always ready with a massage and encouraging words during every contraction. She never once lost her cool, and helped both my husband and I maintain ours as well. We definitely couldn’t have managed without her!

After my experience with Abby, I can’t imagine ever birthing a baby without a doula. And she is definitely the doula to hire! I highly recommend her and definitely plan to hire her again if baby #2 ever comes along.” 

-Hannah (Charlotte, NC)

"My husband and I cannot say enough glowing things about Abby. From the very first time we met her, we felt comfortable and at ease. She is full of knowledge, empathy and enthusiasm and would be the perfect addition to any birth team.

She provided two prenatal appointments where we talked about our fears, preferences and hopes and she shared her "bag of tricks" so that we would all feel empowered and prepared when the big day finally arrived. She was fully accessible via phone and text throughout my pregnancy and was full of encouragement and ideas when I went past my due date.

In labor, she was amazing. She kept me and my husband at ease, helped to advocate for our preferences with the hospital staff, and had lots of ideas about positioning and techniques to help with contractions. Things got rough at the end of my labor, Abby helped my husband and I stay calm and focused. It was like having a best friend/mom in the room with you, but one who is able to keep their cool despite crazy circumstances. If we decide to have more children, one of the first people we will call is Abby, we can't imagine doing "birth" without her!”

-Rachel (Charlotte, NC)

"From day one, Abby has been truly extraordinary. I became extremely excited and confident in my abilities to have a natural birth after initially meeting Abby! I knew for sure that Abby had to be my doula. Throughout my pregnancy, she was very responsive with any questions I had. She was very educated and informative on the matter. What I respected most about Abby was that she made you feel comfortable with her by allowing you to be yourself, and she never forced her views or opinions on you. That was very important to me. Throughout labor, she was very patient with me and stayed with me through every contraction - giving me the confidence to continue fighting on. Although I had a very long labor, I never lost hope because of her. She really made this experience exceptional and I truly can’t thank her enough on my beautiful natural birth." 

-Shi (Charlotte, NC)

"Abby was amazing! From my first meeting with her, I knew she was going to place my needs and dream of a natural birth first without compromising the safety of our child. She took the time to get to know my husband and I and paid great attention to detail. She was very aware of our motivations and encouraged both of us along the process. Abby was very informative and provided me with so many resources and was available to answer any questions I may have. I felt very accepted by her and did not feel any judgement, but only support. I would recommend Abby to anyone of my friends, or even strangers. We will be forever grateful for her!"

-Drienie (Charlotte, NC)  

"Our experience with Abby as a doula could not be any better. She was absolutely vital in helping us achieve a successful VBAC. Abby was available for advice and support for the duration of my pregnancy and postpartum. There were several times that I contacted Abby and she was able to provide evidence-based research studies to help me make an informed decision. She provided great reading materials and never made us feel pressured in any way. 

She helped prepare my husband and me to labor effectively and advocate for the birth we wanted. She was very hands-on in teaching pain coping techniques. 

She checked in with me weekly throughout my pregnancy and worked with us to have the best birth experience possible. I went into labor 2 weeks early (before our contracted on-call period) but Abby dropped everything to be there for the birth of our son. She had excellent backup doulas to help in the interim and coached me through a successful unmedicated VBAC as we wanted. I honestly would not have been able to do this without her. 

Any mother would be extremely lucky to have Abby on their support team. Her positive attitude is motivating and she works to motivate you in the way that works best for you." 

-Meagan (Mooresville, NC)

"I had a great experience with Abby! She was always easy to reach and get a hold of when I had questions or concerns. She is passionate about what she does and made the experience beautiful, sacred, and special. She included my husband with techniques to use, suggested water when I didn't even think of it, and other small things that supported me in my birth. Highly recommend her!"

-Autumn (Charlotte, NC)